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Finally, after years of fuckin’ whining, we’re selling our prints off of our own site instead of a third party like Big Cartel or Etsy.

You can browse our shirts here.

Something tells me that we’re a little bit too excited to be launching a web store in 2015. A little TOO excited. Anyway, kill a few minutes and take a browse. Everything is available from ladies’ XS to mens’ (unisex) XXXL. Each shirt is made when you order it on a super comfy shirt with ‘vintage’ soft style ink.

NOTE: We sell a lot of things that aren’t exactly safe for work, unless you work from home like we do, or at a dive bar or something. Maybe you’ll spot something for that friend of a friend with the weird sense of humor. Our shirts, in regular sizes, ship free for $19. That’s quite a bargain considering you may get seriously mean-mugged at a Wal-Mart, which is super-highly recommended.

Thanks! – Scott / HYPE / 313.414.7500